Florida Fashion Model Portrait Photographer Stacey Green is one of Florida's best Fashion Model and portrait photographer's. Stacey Green is a National Photographer famous for Florida Fashion Model Beach Portraits and portraiture. Stacey Green's style is photojournalistic Model and portrait photography. 30-A Studios can take incredibly stunning Fashion Model Portraits at many Northwest Florida beaches including Destin, Pensacola, Panama City, Seaside, Watercolor, Dune Allen Beach, Blue Mountain Beach, WaterSound Beach, Seacrest Beach, Inlet Beach, Carillon Beach, San Destin, Seagrove, South Walton, Grayton Beach, RoseMary Beach, Fort Walton, Okaloosa Island, Navarre, Gulf Place and many other Florida beaches located on the Emerald Coast. Breathtaking sunsets on the Emerald Coast will be the backdrop for your Fashion Model Portrait by Stacey Green of 30-A Studios. 30-A Studios offers a variety of Model Portrait packages to suit your needs.

Why This Photographer Loves The Sun! Natural Light Fashion Model Portraiture.

For years photographers have loved taking portraits on overcast days or during the ambient lighting that occurs near the beginning and end of every day. On cloudy days the contrast range is greatly reduced. This allows you to capture dramatic detail throughout the image, from the brightest area to the deepest shadow. This also occures near sunset, you also get a reduced contrast range. I won’t argue that the beginning and end of each day’s light offers the best lighting conditions. I can tell you that I actually prefer sunny days to cloudy ones when shooting because of the sunsets that can be captured.

Like most Model Portrait photographers, I have to shoot all day. I don’t care if I have a session at 6am or noon, I can make the sun light work. I use a reflector some of the time, usually when it’s cloudy. A lot of the time, it’s just me, my camera, and a light meter. I do keep my flash on hand if I need it.

It’s not that this is the only way to shoot. I do use my flash outside, and for weddings always carry a flash. Fill flash requires a very precise amount of fill or the result looks unnatural and washed out. If you add to the fact that I am usually working very quickly and it’s easy to see why I have learned to make my lighting work for me. This Model Portrait Photograph was taken at high noon.

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