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5D Mark II Firmware

All Better
Everyone is saying the firmware has fixed the issues. I’ve only had one person comment that the banding issue has also been fixed. The sRaws have to be processed in DPP, so that was the reason for the update to that.

I still have one source saying added features could still be on the table in the next 30-60 days. Don’t hold us to that.

5D Mark II Review now live

Just posted! has published its full review of the Canon 5D Mark II. had previously published sample photos from the 5D Mark II.  Here is the first direct link to the completed 5D II review by t-d-p. 

Sensor cleaning

Sensor Dust Is Evil. Here’s How to Banish It.
First, the good news:
If you have a point & shoot or a film camera, keep it clean and dust specks will never plague you.
And now the bad news: digital SLR sensors are magnets for dust.
Cleaning a digital sensor is nerve-wracking and risky, with enough methods, products, and […]

Memory Cards Size And Speed

Using the fastest memory cards will not make much difference to your shot speed, unless you’re shooting with the newest cameras. The new 15 to 21 megapixel cameras files are alot bigger. Faster memory cards will download quicker saving you time on your computer. I tested three 8GB CF memory cards in my Canon EOS–1D Mark III: A Lexar UDMA 300x Professional , SanDisk Extreme III, and SanDisk Extreme IV. The 8GB CF cards were all brand new cards. Shooting in Large JPEG mode, I achieved: 292,280, and 304 images.


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