Archives for January 17, 2009

Arctic Butterfly

I use the Arctic Butterfly® SL724 to clean my sensors.

The Arctic Butterfly® SL724 is an entry level DSLR sensor cleaning tool. It uses one AAA battery , has a lower spinning speed and offers the convenience of a detachable brush.The Arctic Butterfly® SL724 is compact so that it can easily fit into this photographer’s pocket and comes with a bristle cap and sturdy carrying case.

Nikon will increase its price soon 1st February 2008

If you are Nikon shooters or want to use Nikon camera equipment in short term, the price on many part of the world including USA reported will be increase on February 1st. On all items. approximately 15% on camera bodies and 18% on all lenses. It will also increase compact cameras and accessories.

So if you need some Nikon gears for coming months, please be prepare for the price hike or order it before the month ends.


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