30A Studios Watersound Beach Portraits

If you are planning a Watersound beach vacation with family or friends, you will surely want some great portraits at the beach. During your Watersound Beach Portraits don’t just line people up with the beach behind them. Think creatively and use the sky and the ocean to create your portrait.

Positioning for great beach portraits on Watersound Florida Beaches

Place your subject or subjects to one side, with the Watersound beach shoreline filling the rest of the frame. This will allow the person to pop out from the picture, while still providing a lovely setting for a portrait.
Get up close

You are shooting something big: the Watersound beach. But remember who your subject is: the person or people. They should dominate the photo, not be a blurry, tiny image lost in the frame.

Get up close to the person you are shooting so that they fill about a third of the frame during your beach portrait session.

Catch the action during your Beach Portrait Session

Not all Watersound portraits need to be posed. Look for candid picture possibilities. Instead of people squinting or scowling in the picture, catch them splashing or chatting or playing with sand and a bucket.

This is a wonderful way to catch memories and moments, not just cheesy poses during your beach photography.

Watersound Beach Portrait

Watersound beach portrait doesn’t have to show miles and miles of water and sand. Choose your scenery carefully. Will you concentrate on a family enjoying a sandcastle? Or maybe a close-up overlooking the water? There are dozens of ways of showcasing your subjects, and making them connect while at the beach. Even if you’ll be using a reservoir or lake, like we do here in Colorado, its all about the experience. People love where they are from, and will love the results if you spend the time to make it an experience.


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