How to Become a Professional Photographer

As lovers of photography we can all state to dreaming of chucking in the day job and location up shop as a amateur paparazzo, but for many of us it can keep on just that a vision. But for those with the genius, denial routine and lethargy, becoming a casual snapper can be realised! So whats stopping you? To help you negotiate your way from using photography as a hobby to making a organic from your work we have outlined a few helpful hints below. Obviously not every man jack has the sumptuousness of jacking in the job justified away but with a petite stamina and tuition whatever is possible!


Your advanced significance has to be monetary. Can you afford to quit tomorrow? For most community this is probably suspect. Most pros who give up a reliable stream of income to become self-on duty suggest saving two to three months remuneration before even considering what they will create in their resignation.

Perhaps your partner can afford to weakness you for a while or definitely you at present have some money invested in stash that can be used to pay the loan and bills before work starts to come in situation will be dissimilar. Whatever your own own condition, it is importance deskbound down and planning your income and payments for the chief few months of core self-in use and work out how much you will need to sustain yourself and your family. It is also worth investigating whether you can insecure a allowance from your home experience, a compassion, organization or even the leadership.

Finally there is of road the option of enchanting out a bank loan to get started, but this should be specified a lot of alleged before a commitment is made.


Next determined where you want to base yourself. Working from home has many evident benefits but can become rather isolating if you live isolated and depending on your motlier of will can also become absolutely off-putting. Also if you are working from home, bear in mind that this may not be possible in some rented accommodation so crisscross with your landlord. What is more, in any event of whether you are a home vendor or are renting try to get around dedicating one room solely to your business for example a scholarship or a home conservatory if you do you could be asked to pay business rates.

Working in a collective workroom with other photographers is a vast way to rebound ideas of family, whilst making and maintaining friendships also there will be a different cost enmeshed. Setting up a shop or your own academy is a further option, but again if you start off with limited finance this may be exactly you can seek to over time.


Sure you have a camera but do you have all the other vital bits and bobs that a professional could necessitate such as: vulgar guns, reflectors, filters, shutter issue, cordless packs, a capital of lens, tripod, memory cards etc? This will ultimately hang on on what type of photography you enter and so you may not need every single accessory under the sun just be ready for what you will need. Furthermore just because you are turning pro doesnt mean you need certified kit! Its how you use it that counts.

Look wired for second hand deals, stay camera exchange stores for bargains, and never forget January welcomes a month of sales!

In some countries, self-busy individuals can demand back certain capital costs against their tax bill, so guarantee you keep all yield of new items. Also if you have remembered to keep the gross of items you are bringing into the business i.e. kit that you previously own, you may also be able to petition back some of the merit of these items back against your tax bill. Talk to your reason or a tax adviser to debate these matters extra.

Your Photography Work ethic

Once you have your business in home, kit at the ready and a brand built, the next key element to put into corner is your working form. It goes without saw that to succeed you will need to be reliable and effective and forever meet deadlines, but how will you use and how will split your working day? The benefit of spirit self-in work is individual your own boss and thus you can set your own hours, though this could also mean working late or weekends to compensate. A well-ordered and interested methodology will ultimately reap the most dividends, but be sure to circumstance in time to relax and earn creative oomph too. For those less meticulous, create a agenda carved into twenty-four hour portions; color eight slices to embody siesta and eight or so hours staunch to work. The lasting hours can then be labelled for letup, comings and goings, peculiar photography projects, spring-cleaning or non-business linked errands. With time, this integration will flow more naturally but is a prodigious boon to those who are easily absent-minded. But be truthful with clients and settle on a reasonable date when you can level-headedly liberate on your promises.

Portrait Photography

Just more or less no one who can aim a camera can make a likeness. It goes without saying that some do it better than others. Top picture photographers do it all the time, reliably producing stupendous portraits with just going on for every single subject they snapshot.

Why is that?

What do they know and what do they do that makes their portraits special? The rejoinder to both these questions is “utterly a bit,” because there is lots to know in the region of a lot of kit in demand to produce a great representation.

Can you learn what they know, and do what they do?

We don’t see any cause why not, and the best way to inception is by education the nitty-gritty and unattractive it one step at a time. You may not have the workroom, the utensils and the precise property that the best painting photographers have, but you can at a standstill produce tremendous portraits by succeeding their vital techniques and by understanding what makes a good drawing.


A sketch is sharp as a picture of a party, notably of the somebody’s face. Simply that. But, the word in wide-ranging use has deeper connotations. A photographic portrayal is understood to be a good condition appearance that not only captures a human being’s physical likeness on film or on a numerical camera\’s instrument, but also a little of the one’s makeup, by and large in a mode that is pretty and pleasurable to the subject.


A good portrait will contain at smallest one element that reveals the subject’s personality, attitude, irreplaceable facial expression or any of the other countryside or traits that form the individual type of the individual. It will tell us rather round the subject. You may have heard someone remark that a finicky professional photographer “in reality captured” their minister or toddler, for illustration, in a photo. They are referring in part to the aura being a true physical image, but what they are indeed saying is that the look also reveals a momentous, distinguishable part of the subject’s creature. The photograph photographer who has never until that time met the subject so has completely a encounter.


We all conceal our feelings and attitudes contrarily. Some of us may show our individual original with fast photograph, while others may be more unintelligible to “read” at head. The depiction snapper must become capable at studying family whom he or she doesn’t know in directive to internment their extract. This means seeing for signals in a subject’s characteristic, reactions, expressions, body morphological and so on, and then judging how best to have the subject’s personality revealed for the camera.

This takes skillfulness and an understanding of animal humor. It more or less continuously requires disarming the subject in chat, and quickly verdict a suitable theme that will grab her or his concentration and draw out a response. Find common ground or a subject matter of distinct attention to your subject, which can be a hobby, the newest news, a communal contact, or any integer of topics. Building a friction with the subject is critical, whether a three-year-old youngster or a ninety-five-year old statesman, because it makes the subject more at ease in your presence, and as a result more-tranquil and affected-looking for the lens. You must take all doable steps to put a subject at ease in sisterhood for her or him to look ecological. Visit Character revelation for more figures.


Sometimes your best mirror is your basic painting, and now and again it’s the last coverage you make. If the subject is in position, relatively-comfortable and you are just about to shoot, there is regularly no explanation not to set off accurate away.

Often just getting started is plentiful to root a subject to settle down if they are uneasy or tensed. You have to use your best judgment in every one case. No study shift be duty-bound to be rushed, but there is no consensus intriguing up your subject’s time in idle chatter while you could be construction exposures.

There is also no judgment for your talk to start just because you have started shooting. If the gathering seems to be going well, tell your subject; it may postulate added intimacy that will show in their expression. Drawing a subject out by having them talk while you are delightful pictures will every so often consequence in attractive and revealing expressions.

Subjects do not have to sneer to make a good portrait. A deep or thoughtful expression can regularly be more revealing of nature, and a better study.


There are many components to a good likeness, but the main component is restraint by the shutterbug. You must be in cost and must be looked upon by your subject as being competent and knowledgeable if your subject is to have any conviction in you.

This means you must be prepared in encroachment, not fumbling with film when the subject is geared up to be photographed. It means you must be timid in yourself and discharge that self-assurance throughout the period, and must be strict yourself if you expect your subject to become hassle-free.

Keep in mind that it is the anybody who is emphasized in a drawing – not his or her background. Viewers of the depiction ought to see more than just a noticeable photo of someone. The perfect example must contain mood, show personality and disposition, allowing the onlooker to draw conclusions almost the being in the representation.


The data and pointers in this unit of photography are intended to help you to gain the running  you need, to be properly prepared and to function with belief in imperative to make good portraits. We hope you find it useful.

We may have discounted useful and worthwhile photograph photography evidence and hints that seem obvious to you, or you may have tips from your own experience that we haven’t contemplated here.

We invite you to send us your tips and pointers, first with a picture that illustrates them, to stake with our viewers. If we use them on the website, we will be enchanted to keep you with a glory as both the starting place of the tip and the paparazzo of the icon.

Santa Rosa Beach Portraits Photography Tips

Award winning Santa Rosa Beach Portraits Photography Tips.

Advanced off camera lighting and natural lighting for amazing high quality sharp clear photos of your family.

  • A fun time for the whole family.
  • Outstanding picture quality. (Clear eyes, Bright images, Blue skies, Great color)
  • Off camera and natural lighting
  • Beautifully posed portraits of your family and un-posed nutty fun stuff.
  • Large full group shots of everyone and then broke down smaller group shots.
  • Kids or anyone can have individual shots just ask were there for you.
  • On-line photo gallery for ordering and viewing prints for 60 days.
  • New 10×10 beach photo albums now available.
  • Super fast turnaround time for viewing your photos on-line. (Most of the time with in 24 hours)
  • 4 x 6 proofs shipped right to your door.
  • Opportunity to buy a master CD of all your edited photos with permission to make your own prints in any size and amount you want..
  • Beach portrait session
  • Call you book your beach session

Beach portraits at your location or ours on Santa Rosa Beach.

Many of you will be staying at beach condos, rental houses or at a hotel.
If you like we can meet you right at your location as long as you’re staying on the beach and photograph your family down by the waters edge. The downside is most of the hotels condos and beach houses do not have the beautiful sea oats that other areas of Santa Rosa Beach Portraits  area beaches have to offer.
For the best results we would recommend that you meet us at one of our special hotspots on the beach. To us a hotspot is a location with beautiful sea oats some sand dunes and a awesome view of the ocean. Each town we Photograph in we have special locations all picked out for you.

The best time for your Santa Rosa Beach area family beach portrait session.

We like to start our family sessions one hour before sunset and shoot on into sunset so you receive a mixture of natural light photos and portraits with a beautiful sun setting sky behind you. We can and will shoot at other times of the day except for in the morning just remember other times of the day you will not have the magic hour that sunsets produce on the beach And the beautiful colors in the sky but you will have a nice blue sky on most days.

Call 30A Studios and book your Family beach portrait session Now!

We are booking as much as a year in advance. We have many repeat customers that come to the beach each summer and have us photograph their family each year.
Most open dates are booked a few months in advance but Call or e-mail in we do accept last-minute bookings when available so call as soon as you can and talk with us about reserving a date for you and your family. Our beach portrait session fee is still only $165.

Some of our favorite locations

In the Fort Walton beach and Destin area we shoot most of the time at Beasley Park on beautiful Okaloosa Island. Beasley Park offers plenty of parking space and a fantastic view of the beach with sand dunes and sea oats. All our Destin, Sandestin and Santa Rosa beach area customers drive over to Beasley Park to meet us for their family beach portrait session.

In Pensacola our favorite location is down the left side of the beach past Portofino it offers sea oats white sand dunes and miles and miles of un-built up beach access. A easy drive and a fun place to hang out.

In the Navarre beach area we shoot at the local beach area, or when its open down at the end of the Navarre beach road. We can walk out into a open beach area full of sand dunes and sea oats.

In the Orange Beach – Perdido Key area we have a incredible location that is filled with sea oats white sand dunes and a beautiful view of the beach. This is one of our all-time favorite locations in this area.

In the Fort Morgan Alabama area we photograph a lot at the Beach club, the plantation, and right in front of beach rental houses and other condos on the beach. We come right to you. But the best spot is down at the end of Fort Morgan right before you get to the fort area. You will find a little rundown road off to the left that takes you right to the beach edge and offers lots of open space, sea oats and dunes all great for photographs.

In the Gulf Shores – Orange Beach area one of our favorite locations is the Florida point in Orange Beach a block next to the bridge at the beach access. The point offers beautiful sea oats and white sandy dunes and is a awesome location for sunset beach portraits.

How To Take Beach Portraits

If you are planning a beach vacation with family or friends in Florida, you will surely want some great portraits at the beach. Don’t just line people up with the beach behind them.

How To Position for beach portraits

Place your subject or subjects to one side, with the beach shoreline filling the rest of the frame. This will allow the person to pop out from the picture, while still providing a lovely setting for a portrait.

How To Get up close

You are shooting something big: the beach. But remember who your subject is: the person or people. They should dominate the photo, not be a blurry, tiny image lost in the frame.

Get up close to the person you are shooting so that they fill about a third of the frame.

Not all portraits need to be posed. Look for candid picture possibilities. Instead of people squinting or scowling in the picture, catch them splashing or chatting or playing with sand and a bucket.

This is a wonderful way to catch memories and moments, not just cheesy poses.

How To Take Care of your Camera on the Beach

A lot of people feel that when it’s raining or snowing, extremely hot or cold, the camera automatically has to stay safely indoors. I do have to admit, that is a good way to protect your camera, but you end up missing some great shots.

On the other end of that spectrum, some people are careless about their digital cameras. They don’t think anything of leaving their cameras in stuffy car when the temperature outside is 100 degrees. All cameras hate extreme heat and extreme cold.

You invested hard-earned money into a digital camera. When the weather’s bad, be it hot, cold or raining, you don’t want your camera to be damaged.

Get a good camera bag

One thing you can do to protect your camera while traveling or hiking or exposed to the elements is to invest in a good, high quality camera bag. There are plenty of them out there and a lot of them are weatherproof. Bogen and Lowepro are two makers of quality bags.

Not only will a good bag protect your equipment from the weather, but they will also keep all that equipment you carry around safe and secure.

Use a UV filter

It’s also a good idea to use a filter such as a UV (ultra-violet) or skylight filter to protect your lens. They’re much cheaper to replace then a lens any day of the week.

Rain tips for your camera

There are a few things you can do for your camera if you happen to be stuck outside with holding it, and weather really becomes a factor.

If the weather turns to rain, you can put your camera under your jacket, shirt, hat, anything that will shield it. If you’re interested in getting some pictures of the weather, you can put your camera in a plastic bag and make a hole big enough for the lens. Just use a rubber band to secure the bag to the lens.

How to beat the heat

Avoid leaving your camera in the extreme heat if you’re outside. Laying a light towel over it will help shade it from the sun. Don’t use dark colors, as they will just absorb the heat.

Florida Photographers 2010 Industry Outlook

As photographic digital technology improves most consumers have a false belief that the $800 camera they just bought is ‘professional’ quality.  Granted it is a marked improvement over anything they have owned before and mimics many of the settings contained on a $5,000+ professional camera but doesn’t come close to the capability of a $48,000 Medium or Large Format Digital camera. What they don’t realize is; while there have been vast improvements in the consumer side of the business, there have also been major improvements on the professional side. Set an appointment with us and we will show you the difference between ‘consumer/prosumer’ and true professional photography. Not referring to the Art or Business side of photography, just the science side: the best tools in the hands of an experienced, well-trained professional still make the best photographs. Better equipment in the hands of an amateur still only makes better amateur photographs.

Photography has similarities to professional singing… just because everyone has a voice, doesn’t mean they can or should sing (even if they say or think they can! –just watch American Idol for proof of that! –or listen to Dan in the shower -but not in the same room) and very few photographers really make it as full-time professionals! (just talk to your co-worker) Just because a person can buy a camera, likes taking pictures and takes some photography classes doesn’t mean they are the best photographer for your specific job.

Florida Photographers 2010 Industry Outlook

Today’s new Digital technology has helped to ‘blur’ the lines between consumers and professionals. In fact, camera manufacturers have created a whole new class of equipment for the buyers they call ‘pro-sumers’. These are the people who ‘think’ they are a professional and spend more on camera equipment than typical consumers but in reality are only ‘advanced amateurs’ or part-timers. The industry has created equipment, marketing, classes, etc. specifically designed for this group.

The problem with this new group of ‘prosumers’ is they often ‘don’t know what they don’t know’ and some misrepresent their capabilities. An experienced professional photographer will work as a consultant and start with the final goal in mind while making decisions and equipment choices based on producing the best quality for their clients project needs and will be honest about their capabilities and expertise. (We would rather be honest upfront and lose the job than lie to get it and disappoint you later or risk damaging our reputation). Ever since the dawn of photography, camera manufacture’s have been working to make photography easier for the masses. It sometimes looks like they are trying to replace artistry with technology, but as always in the end, the talented artist will always be able to do much more than the inexperienced with the same technology.

Too often the prosumer, ‘aspiring photographer’ will think more like a consumer and will make decisions based on their own needs (rather than the clients) –thus compromising the overall quality of their clients projects. Prosumers want ONE camera and lens that ‘does it all’, lightweight, automatic, easy to use. This is physically and scientifically impossible. Too often their choice of equipment is based on ease of use, convenience and their limited budget, none of which translates into any benefit for their clients. Some cameras are better at low-light situations, some have better wide-angle optics, some are superior in speed and agility while others have incredible levels of accuracy, tonal range and clarity, anyone who says their ‘one’ camera can do it all is mislead and ultimately only produces mediocre quality on most everything!

Camera Hobbyists

Serious hobbyists toying with becoming a ‘professional photographer’ and experimenting with photography will eventually raise their own education level and develop a true appreciation for the experienced professionals. It still takes 4-6 years of ‘practice’ to become proficient at photography. Too often the ‘semi-pro’, practicing to become a professional, can only deliver under certain circumstances (when the camera is set on automatic?)…some of the time. Photography is an Art, a Science and a Business… not many aspiring photographers are proficient at all three.

An experienced professional is able to draw upon their knowledge and experience to make the best decisions regarding how to use the latest technology to achieve the best end result. Technology is only a tool. As more technology options are developed in photography there will be more confusion in the marketplace requiring even greater knowledge and experience to know how best to apply that technology to get the best possible results. In the end the consumer will have to become more educated so they will be able to weed through the hype and discover the truth.

Florida Photography

Something wonderful happens in the trees of Florida that is unique to the continental United States. Our warm climate supports many species of wild orchids that bloom seasonally throughout the year, which are legendary in the orchid world. Visit our featured gallery and see why these native beauties draw attention from around the world!

Our Florida photography is shot with Canon professional cameras and spends almost every free moment in the wilds of Florida searching for new and often overlooked subjects to photograph or discover. At ease chest-deep in the swamps of the Everglades or scaling the sinkholes of North and Central Florida. We  are a firm advocate in saving what is left of natural Florida and portrays the unique wild beauty of his home state through our photography. We uses a wide array of tools and other software including Photoshop CS4 to create original photographs that have been sold all over the world and have appeared in magazines, newspapers and other places from educational exhibits to retail stores.

Destin Beach Pictures – Beach Photography Tutorial

Don’t just shoot the Destin beach. What I mean is how is that different than all your other beach pictures from other beaches? Instead, look for interesting items to serve as a focal point with the beach as the backdrop like Destin Florida land marks on the beach.For example Shots of Gulf Coast piers or the Destin Bridge Photography here:

Look for Unique Still-Life Images

Check the Destin beach area for an interesting focal points. Perhaps it is a lone and empty beach chair, or a bottle of wine, or maybe even a surfboard propped against a palm tree. Place this item in the foreground, and keep the Destin beach scene in the background.

The sun and its impact on your shot

We’ve all seen Destin beach pictures gone bad, with the subjects are usually family and friends and are often partially or completely obscured by shadows and bright backlighting.

Sometimes you want this, say if you’re shooting a couple hand-in-hand at sunset. Many times, you don’t. Be sure you have the sun behind you, the photographer, not the people or things you are shooting at the Destin beach.

A slightly overcast day can actually be better than a sunny day, and morning and afternoon have better lighting than midday with the long shadows from an overhead sun.

There is one mistake quite commonly made when photographing the beach: putting the horizon line dead center. While it might make sense, as it is symetrical, it violates the photography rule of thirds. You should always be aware of lines when shooting beach pictures.

Don’t forget the rule of thirds on the beach

Take a look at your previous beach photos. Is there a horizon line in the middle? How does it look to you? This actually slices the photo in half for observers, and is disconcerting.

Instead, stick to the rule of thirds. This means you should place the horizon in the bottom or top third of the Destin beach picture instead like this shot:

Frame your beach picture well

No, this isn’t about the frame you buy later. LOL,  This is about giving an anchor to your Destin beach photography image. Look for natural frames for beach photos, such as a rocky outcropping or a leaning palm tree. You are looking for something that naturally places a frame around the target of your picture, the beach.

Get rid of bad lines on the beach

Before you shoot your Beach Photography, really examine all areas of the image. Is there something distracting or ugly in your shot that you didn’t intend to capture? Cars, electrical lines, a stray sunbather  that you don’t intend to get in the picture, such as a drunk sunbather in a family portrait all can take a good Destin beach picture and ruin it.

Also be sure your horizon line is straight. Sometimes, especially if an element in the foreground distracts you, you can end up with a lopsided beach photography image.

How to Take Great Santa Rosa Beach Portraits

If you are planning a Santa Rosa beach vacation with your family or friends, you will surely want some great portraits at the beach taken or make. Don’t just line people up with the beach behind them. That’s to plain! Think out side the box!

Positioning for Great Santa Rosa beach portraits

Place your subject or subjects to one side, with the Gulf of Mexico beach shoreline filling the rest of the frame. This will allow the person to stand out from the picture, while still providing a lovely setting for a portrait. This is also great for sunset shot set ups as well.

Get up close during your Portrait Session

You are shooting something big: the Gulf Coast beach. But remember who your subject is: the person or group of people. Your Beach Portrait Group should dominate the photo, not the back ground. Make sure they are not just tiny images lost in the frame on a huge Santa Rosa Beach.

Get up close to the person you are shooting so that they fill about a third of the frame and look at then between shots. It will keep there attention during your next portrait shot as well.

Catch the Moment

Not all Santa Rosa Beach portraits need to be posed. Look for candid picture possibilities during your shoot. Instead of people squinting or scowling in the picture, catch them splashing or chatting or playing with sand and a bucket.

This is a wonderful way to catch memories and moments on the beach, not just cheesy poses.

Think of cool angles to shoot from

You don’t always have to point your camera straight ahead during the beach portrait session, or directly at the beach. Look for unique and interesting angles for your beach pictures.Make your own style.

It’s all in the perspective of your eye

Ever thought what if you get down on eye level with your baby playing in the sand? You might could stand straight above a crawling crab, or point straight up to the swaying branches of a palm tree.

Look for unique and unusual angles and perspectives for your beach pictures. People will love your style if it set you apart from the rest!

You need a Splashes of color

Since most beaches often feature rather bland colors, like shades of sand and driftwood, also keep an eye out for interesting splashes of color. Like the blue Gulf of Mexico waters with a bright red beach umbrella, green palm leaf or hot pink sandals can add real verve to your beach pictures to complement your Santa Rosa Beach Portraits.

More Santa Rosa Beach Portraits information can be found here:

Fort Walton Beach Portraits

Think about The Light for your Fort Walton Beach Portraits

In order to get enough detail in your Fort Walton Beach Portraits subjects you need to have sufficient light. The way you get this varies from situation to situation but consider using a flash if the group is small enough and you are close enough for it to take effect – especially if the main source of light is coming from behind the group.

If it’s a bright sunny day and the sun is low in the sky try not to position it directly behind you or you’ll end up with a collection of squinting faces in your shot.

I’ve been in a number of group photos where the photographer almost lost control of his subjects by not being quick enough but also by not communicating well with their group of subjects. It is important to keep talking to the group, let them know what you want them to do, motivate them to smile, tell them that they look great and communicate how much longer you’ll need them for.

Also important is to give your subjects a reason to pose for the Fort Walton Beach Portraits photograph. For example at a wedding you might motivate people to pose by saying have asked me to get some group shots’ or at a portrait session. When you give people a reason to pose for you you’ll find they are much more willing to take a few minutes to pose for you.

Another very useful line to use with group in your Fort Walton Beach Portraits Sessions is – ‘If you can see the camera it can see you’. This one is key if you want to be able to see each person’s face in the shot.

If there are more photographers than just you then wait until others have finished their shots and then get the attention of the full group otherwise you’ll have everyone looking in different directions.

Of course you don’t want to be a dictator when posing your group or you could end up with lots of group shots of very angry people. The best photographers know how to get people’s attention, communicate what they want but also keep people feeling relaxed and like they are having fun.

Large groups of people can be very difficult to photograph as even with staggering people and tiering to make the back people higher you can end up being a long way back to fit everyone in your Fort Walton Beach Portraits.

One solution to this is to find a way to elevate yourself as the photographer. If I’m photographing a wedding and the couple wants one big group shot I’ll arrange for a ladder to be present  to take a shot looking down on the group. In doing this you can fit a lot more people in and still remain quite close to the group (you end up with a shot of lots of faces in focus and less bodies). It also gives an interesting perspective to your shots – especially if you have a nice wide focal length.

If you have a very large group and assistant can be very handy to get the group organized well.

An assistant is also incredibly handy if you are taking multiple group shots during your Fort Walton Beach Portraits. In these cases I often ask the couple to provide me with a family or friend member who has a running sheet of the different groups of people to be photographed. I then get this person to ensure we have everyone we need in each shot. Having a family member do this helps to make sure you don’t miss anyone out but also is good because the group is familiar with them and will generally respond well when they order them around.

More Fort Walton Beach Portraits information can be found here: and

How to Take Great Grayton Beach Group Portraits

Common group photo mistakes and problems include:

  • one or more subjects always seem to be looking away or in different directions (ie at different photographers)
  • subjects blinking (there’s always one)
  • someone being missing from the photo
  • different moods in the group (some smiling, some serious, some playing up to the camera etc)
  • the group being too far away or not all fitting into the shot

While there will always be such challenges with Grayton Beach Group Photos there are a number of things you can do to help improve your chances of getting the shot you’re after:

Prepare for Your Grayton Beach Portrait Session

There is nothing that will make of people posing for a photograph turn upon you faster than you not being prepared. People don’t like to be kept waiting so think ahead about some of the following aspects of your photo:

  • scope out the location of your shot before hand
  • think ahead about how you will pose people and frame your shot
  • one of the group’s head hiding behind another person
  • make sure everyone you want in the shot knows you want them a few minutes ahead of time
  • make your your camera is on and has charged batteries
The place that you have your group stand is important to group shots for a number of reasons. For starters it can give the photo context – for example a shot of a Grayton Beach Family Beach Portrait  means more than a likely a shot of them in front of a sand dune. The other reason that choosing locations carefully is important is that it can have distractions in it.

Always Take Multiple Shots During your Portrait Session of Each Pose

One of the best ways to avoid the problems of not everyone looking just right in a shot is to take multiple photos quickly. I often switch my camera into continuous shooting mode when taking group shots and shoot in short bursts of shots. I find that the first shot is often no good but that the one or two directly after it often give a group that looks a little less posed and more relaxed.

Similarly – shoot some frames off before everyone is ready – sometimes the organization of a group shot can be quite comical with people tell each other where to go and jostling for position.

Also mix up the framing of your shots a little if you have a zoom lens by taking some shots that are at a wide focal length and some that are more tightly framed of your family beach portrait.

Grayton Beach Portrait Pose’s

Try to get as close as you can to the group you’re photographing (without cutting some members of it out of course). The closer you can get the more detail you’ll have in their faces – something that really lifts a shot a lot.

If your group is a smaller one get right in close to them and take some head and shoulder shots. One effective technique for this is to get your small group to all lean their heads in close to enable you to get in even closer. Another way to get in closer is to move people out of a one line formation and stagger them but putting some people in front and behind.

Grayton Beach Portrait Group Pose’s

In most cases your group will pose itself pretty naturally (we’ve all done it before). Tall people will go to the back, short people to the front. But there are other things you can do to add to the photo’s composition:

  • If the event is centered around one or two people (like a wedding or a birthday) make them the central focal point by putting them right in the middle of the group (you can add variation to your shots by taking some of everyone looking at the camera and then everyone looking at the person/couple).
  • For formal group photos put taller members in the group not only towards the back of the group but centered with shorter people on the edges of the group.
  • Try not to make the group too ‘deep’ (ie keep the distance between the front line of people and the back line as small as you can). This will help to keep everyone in focus. If the group is ‘deep’ use a narrower aperture.
  • Tell everyone to raise their chins a little – they’ll thank you later when they see the shot without any double chins!

Pick the moment for your shot carefully. Try to choose a time that works with what is happening at the gathering that you’re at. I find it best to do a group shot when the group is already close together if possible and when there is a lull in proceedings.

Also towards the start of events can be a good time as everyone is all together, they all look their best and if there is alcohol involved no one is too under the weather yet. Try to Shoot an hour before sunset on the beach!

More Grayton Beach Portrait Information can be found here: and


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