Sandestin Wedding Photography Information

P.P.A. member 30-A Studios Photography is a Sandestin wedding photographer and offers both small beach wedding packages and large full-featured wedding packages. So whether you’re having a small beach wedding or a full-blown large beach wedding or church wedding with a reception 30-A Studios photography has a right wedding package for you.
Give us a call and talk with Stacey about your upcoming wedding she can not only discuss your Sandestin wedding photography plans but also point you in the right direction to help you find all the other wedding vendors you may need to create the perfect wedding of your dreams.

We have so many Sandestin wedding photos we want to share with you that’s why we created such a large sample portfolio galley for you.
Sandestin is such an awesome place to have a wedding. Sandestin wedding photography consults are avalible.

Our Wedding Portfoloi Gallies are Here:

Stacey Green from 30-A Studios photography are available to travel to your wedding destination whether it’s in Alabama or Florida, around the country or around the world grand photography is ready to capture the precious memories of your wedding day like no one else can.
No travel fees for any wedding package in the southeastern U.S.
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No travel fees for any of our 6 hour and Unlimited Coverage wedding packages.
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Simple wedding plannig list
here is a list of what it takes to plan the perfect wedding. Most weddings will have a wedding DJ, a wedding coordinator, wedding florist, wedding photography, wedding video production, the guys need to look good so you’ve got to find a good tuxedo rental store, and of course the bride will need a fabulous wedding dress or bridal gown from a bridal store, and no wedding would be complete without a wedding cake and many times a grooms cake to, and for food you need to find just the right caterer, and to perform your wedding you will need a minister or wedding officiant, and for travel around town look into a limo or limousine service, after your wedding you’re going to head out on your honeymoon so beforehand check out all the local travel agencies to help you plan your honeymoon’s. And guys don’t forget the wedding ring.
the hard part about planning the perfect wedding is finding a wedding location that fits your needs many hotels condos and rental beach houses offer facilities for weddings.

Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Photographers Information

If you want professional images to showcase those magical memories then invest in a professional photographer! Photography is the only thing that remains once the cake has been eaten and the dress has been put in storage. Today, many busy couples find that they are rushed for time and short on cash when comes to planning and financing their Santa Rosa Beach wedding. Beach weddings offer a sensible yet elegant solution to the expense and headache normally associated with a traditional wedding. Typically, a beach wedding is easier to plan, cheaper to pay for and a whole lot more fun – for everyone – including the guests! There are some ‘special issues’ though that must be considered when planning a beach wedding.

  • Choose your location wisely. Santa Rosa Beaches are usually breezy. Try to pick a cove or area protected from direct winds for your ceremony. Be mindful of the tides.
  • Decide how many guests will be attending. Most beaches do not require a special permit for small informal weddings. Check with local Santa Rosa Beach authorities to be sure.
  • Find a Santa Rosa Beach wedding officiate local to the beach of your choice to perform your wedding ceremony. Often they specialize in beach weddings and can provide useful tips as well as very affordable package deals. Santa Rosa Beach Wedding packages are becoming very popular and are ideal for busy couples. Often they include everything you need from the bouquet to the Santa Rosa Beach photography to the filing of your marriage license.
  • Minimize your reception expenses by planning a sunset ceremony followed by a simple but elegant wine and cheese reception right on the beach.
  • Rent an outdoor canopy to protect your reception area from rain showers and uninvited seagulls. For a tropical flare, decorate the canopy with tulle and twinkling mini-lights and silk flowers. Use hurricane candles for lighting.
  • Remember your guest’s comfort and safety. Provide seating for the elderly as well as sunscreen and insect repellent just in case. If some of your guests have mobility impairments recognize that it’s nearly impossible to push a wheelchair in the sand, and it’s very hard for people who have difficulty walking to negotiate sand as well. Many Santa Rosa Beaches have walkways or platforms. Use these accordingly.
  • Thank your guests for sharing your day by presenting them with beach wedding favors such as personalized sand-dollars, seashell candles or Hawaiian Silk Leis.
  • Remember, depending on the time of year, the beach can be very hot, even in early evening. Choose your wedding dress accordingly.
  • A casual hair style works best for Santa Rosa beach weddings. If the day is breezy, your hair will look beautifully natural and ‘tousled’ as opposed to looking ‘messed up’.
  • For a larger, more formal Santa Rosa beach wedding with many guests, you may want to choose a nearby ocean front hotel or restaurant with an outdoor deck to cater the reception following your beach side ceremony.
  • Although there are many wedding companies that offer all-inclusive Santa Rosa Beach wedding packages, do not wait until last minute to try to book one! True, these packages eliminate much of the time and planning normally required of a wedding, but they are also very popular. If you cut it too close, you may be disappointed to find the day of your choice already booked. Give yourself no less than six months and more if possible to book your wedding package and Santa Rosa Beach Wedding Photographers.
  • In addition to considering the heat, keep in mind that some areas are prone to hurricanes or just nasty storms at certain times of the year. Plan accordingly.
  • Destin Wedding Photographers Information

    Consider traditional Destin wedding photography. This style of photography is characterised by a very formal approach to beach wedding photography. The images are usually highly posed and will require a good deal of intervention from the photographer (unless the bride and groom are experienced models and know how to pose). Be aware that this style will impact you in the following ways:

  • The Destin Wedding photographer will work to a time line – often with specific shots being organised at a very specific time.
  • In some cases – the Destin Wedding  photographer will seem like a film director on a movie set, constantly organising individuals into posed groups to produce a set of traditional wedding images.
  • Although considered out of date by many, traditional style images will still appeal to the older generation, so older relatives of the bride & groom are likely to be happier with this type of image.
  • The downside for many modern brides is that the resulting images can appear very stiff and rigid – and so fail to fully convey the air of happiness and fun that is part of many modern ceremonies.
  • Consider contemporary  Destin wedding photography. This style is characterised by a far greater degree of informality and a more relaxed approach by the photographer. This can result in a greater level of spontaneity and is capable of capturing the spirit of fun, as well as some of the more formal elements – as the photographer will not be posing people to the same degree:
  • There is less need for the photographer to intervene – much less of the photographer as Director of the movie of your day.
  • This style is likely to produce a unique record of your day – no two weddings will look exactly the same. As a result, this style has gradually gained in popularity in comparison to the more traditional approach.
  • The Destin Wedding photographer will seek out great backgrounds and settings which can result in a stylised set of images which may resemble to a degree the kind of images you may see in a fashion magazine.
  • Consider reportage or documentary style Destin Wedding photography. This style is characterised by an extremely hands-off approach by the photographer who will record the events of your big day as they happen in the manner of a fly-on-the-wall documentary television crew. Much of the time – the Destin wedding photographer will essentially be in the background; you may not even be aware of his presence! There will be very little in the way of posing or organising of individuals and groups. For this reason – this style is increasingly popular with brides today – as it does allow a lot of freedom of movement and the bride and groom are essentially left to enjoy their big day. This style of photography:
  • Is likely to produce a very candid record of your Destin wedding with a high proportion of unusual shots that you probably would not expect from traditional or contemporary styles.
  • If you have been posed for all your photographs – then you essentially have already seen the images – and there will be none of the ‘wow’ factor that you may get from a reportage image of you and the groom in an unguarded kiss or embrace.
  • Reportage photography has a great deal to offer but inevitably – the drawback is that you simply cannot be sure what you may get in the end!
  • Consider artistic Destin wedding photography. This, as the name implies, is led by the individualism of the ‘Artist’ or photographer. This style is therefore characterised by its ability to produce a unique set of images from your big day. Depending on the photographer – there may be a great deal of intervention – or there may be none. The only way to assess if this style suits you is by checking out the portfolios of particular photographers to see if their style is going to appeal. This type of photography can produce cutting edge and stunning wedding photographs as a superb and individualised record of your big day. It may well be considered a little risky by some brides.
  • Become a Professional Pensacola Wedding Photographer

  • Start out by speaking to other professionals in the field. They are normally willing to give advice to individuals interested in their field. Besides if you speak to the right people they will tell you the pitfalls and upsides right from the start. Ask if you can follow them around for a day of work.
  • Consider enrolling in a Professional Pensacola Wedding Photographer photography degree program, or taking classes at an art school. You’ll make connections and get advice and critiques. Once you are ready, purchase the best equipment you can afford. Remember that this is an investment and will make a big difference in your future. Try sticking to name brand items to ensure you will have service and parts available when, and if needed.
  • Understand that your biggest investment should be your lens. They should be the removable kind that you can put on another camera body if you decide to upgrade later.
  • Study how-to photography books. Lighting and composition can either make or break a photograph, and there are many excellent step-by-step study guides that will teach you the techniques the pros use. Much of this information can also be found by using search engines (e.g: Google).
  • Practice to get experience. Shoot, shoot, shoot. Always having your camera handy will enable you to take photos in different places and of different subjects.
  • Evaluate each photograph you take. Ask others to critique your work. Put your questionable shots in a separate file, so that you can go back later and correct any mistakes on your photo editing software. Many pros will tell you that they hardly ever take a 100% perfect photo. Programs like Photoshop and/or Corel Photo Paint will always be handy when making a good photo great.
  • Strive for originality. Photo editors appreciate pros who can give an old subject a fresh look, so don’t be afraid to experiment. When trying to take a great photo, you can sometimes take up to 100 or even more shots experimenting before taking the one you really want. Be patient and don’t give up.
  • Build a quality Pensacola Wedding  portfolio. Buy a good quality leather ring binder, and take a handful of your best prints and put them in plastic sleeves. Label each one with your name, address and phone number, so when a client asks to see samples, you’re prepared.
  • Invest in a Pensacola Wedding Photographer photography marketing guide. This is the bible that most pros use to market their work. The best ones give complete contact information of magazine, greeting card, and book publishers.
  • Enter photography contests. This is an excellent way to start building a resume of credits, especially if you win.
  • Ask small businesses in your area if they would feature a small exhibition of your work in return for occasional photographic services.
  • Make CDs of all your work. This is especially important for digital Pensacola Wedding photographers. Many clients nowadays actually prefer viewing photos on CDs.
  • Copyright your work. You can fit hundreds of low resolution shots on a CD and copyright all of them for one low fee as apposed to copyrighting individual “good” photos. You can do this by copyrighting it as “the collective work of____”.
  • Keep good records of your expenses. You will need them for your tax returns. You may also be able to deduct certain expenses (like your camera, PC, etc) and receive a rebate.
  • Take courses on small business management if you are considering opening a studio. There’s a lot to learn up front so that you don’t make costly mistakes down the road. Explore different types of Professional Pensacola photography, such as photojournalism, documentary photography, commercial photography, fine art photography, etc.
  • Choose a Panama City Beach Wedding Photographer

  • Remember, if you don’t feel comfortable with the person BEFORE the extreme stress of your Big Day, you will certainly not feel comfortable ON the Big Day. Little things/mannerisms that bug you will only get more irritating at “show-time.” The best way to become comfortable is to make sure your photographer offers either a pre-wedding engagement shoot or at least a pre-wedding consultation to build up rapport with your Panama City Beach Wedding Photographer.
  • If you do not see the style of photos you desire on the photographer’s website or blog, they may not have experience with that style of wedding photography.
  • Even if you have your negatives or images on CD or DVD, you can’t legally print or use them because of copyright law (with exceptions for fair use) unless your contract with the photographer states otherwise. Be sure to get a copyright release or licensing agreement that will allow you to use them how you want. This may cost extra, but many newer Panama City Beach Wedding Photographers are willing to give them to you. All places won’t print professional images without a copyright release or licensing agreement
  • If you choose an hourly Panama City Beach Wedding Photographer, make sure you find out how much it will cost and their availability should you want them to stay a little longer
  • Find out if your wedding photographer offers online proofing. If not, how are your out-of-town guests and family members going to be able to view and order photos?
  • Find out if your photographer travels with back-up equipment. With today’s digital technology, a broken camera can not usually be fixed right away. Having a camera that does not work is the last thing you want to have happen as you are walking down the aisle! This is a feature that often distinguishes amateur Panama City Beach Wedding Photographer from experienced professionals.
  • Remember, discs with photographs on them are not archival. Discs get scratched and malfunction. They are not guaranteed to last. If you are not ordering archival prints or archival albums from your wedding photographer, as soon as you get your disc have them printed on archival paper by a professional lab for safekeeping.
  • Looking at a photographer’s website is a good, quick way to discover the vendor’s specialties, style, and price.
  • Keep notes on everything you learn about each candidate, so that you can remember important facts when making the final decision.
  • Listen to your gut! This is a big decision, so don’t rush it.
  • Be sure to include any special requests (specific shots not on the shot list, attire, etc.) in writing on the contract before you sign.
  • Good photographers will get booked first. Reserve your Panama City Beach Wedding Photographer a year in advance.
  • Choose a Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer

    Wedding pictures are a cherished keepsake, passed down though generations, and the only commemoration of the thousands of hours and dollars spent to plan the most important day of your life. Other than the choice of a spouse, the choice of the Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer is the most important wedding-related decision you will make, and is not to be taken lightly. Following these steps can help you select the best photographer to record your Big Day.

  • Decide what style of Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer photography you prefer. Are you looking for a traditional approach with mostly posed images? Or do you prefer lots of candid shots in which the subject may not even know he or she is being photographed? Do you like the glamour approach of fashion photography? Would you prefer a photographer who combines all of these styles (a freestyle or eclectic wedding photographer)?
  • Decide what level of service you want from your Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer. Perhaps you only need photographs of your ceremony so having just 1-3 hours of photography may be enough for you. Other couples may prefer a complete package that may include a pre-wedding engagement sessions, rehearsal dinner photographs, bridal portraits and newlywed photos.
  • Decide how many images you would like from your wedding celebration(s). Some photographers may provide you with under 100 images to remember your wedding day by. Higher-end photographers often capture thousands of images (generally from 1,000 to 3,000) for you to keep forever.
  • Figure out how much time and expertise you have to process your images yourself. Many brides who choose photographers that only give them a disc of their images (no album, prints or other items) find that they lack the time, software or knowledge to create their own albums, properly edit the photos (crop, color correct, etc.). Often, years later, these couples just have a stack of dusty, cheaply processed proof photos or photos on a disc that are not being lovingly displayed as a reminder of the wedding day.
  • Determine your Budget. Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer fees, prints, albums, etc. generally come to approximately 12% of the entire wedding budget. This will allow you to quickly discard candidates which you cannot afford.
  • Decide how you will use your pictures. Do you plan to purchase just an album for yourself, or also pictures for your walls, prints to give to friends and family, or even put the images on stationery, invitations, calendars, mugs, T-shirts, and magnets?
  • Determine what form of your pictures you will want from your photographer. Just purchasing the prints is sometimes economical if you do not want an album. If you expect to need a large number of prints, it may be better (and faster) to purchase the negatives from your photographer and have the copies made privately, at your leisure. If you plan to use the images in numerous creative ways, or want to post them to a website or include them in a screen saver, you will probably want to receive the digital photo files directly from your photographer via the Internet or on a CD-ROM.
  • Research photographers. Ask your friends, inquire at bridal shops and with the management of the ceremony and reception sites you have chosen. Also browse bridal websites for information and links to photographers that work in your area.
  • Make a list of photographers which seem to fit your criteria for price and available format.
  • Research each of the photographers on your list: look at samples of their work on the Internet, ask for and call their references, and check their standing with the Better Business Bureau.
  • Remove from your list any individuals with less-than-stellar records, weak references, or a style that you dislike.
  • Interview each remaining candidate on your list by phone. Make sure to ask if they are available on your chosen date, how much experience they have, whether they specialize in weddings, how soon after the wedding you can expect your prints or disk, and how long they keep the negatives.
  • Remove from your list any candidate which does not conform to your preferences or is not available on your chosen date.
  • Make appointments and meet with each finalist face to face to choose your Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer. Go to these meetings with your spouse-to-be if possible. Look at samples of their work, get a brochure with details about wedding packages, ask for a copy of their standard shot list (if they use a shot list which most experienced wedding photographers do not as they have well-memorized all the shots they need to get), and ask questions. Notice how polite they are. Ask yourself, “Is this someone I will want to be around when I am stressed, exhausted, dehydrated, overheated, and ready to faint in those uncomfortable shoes?”
  • Discuss with your spouse-to-be all the photographers you visited. Spend time together comparing the packages available from the photographers you BOTH like. Decide which Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer and package best fits your needs and expectations.
  • As with any major decision, sleep on it.
  • Call your chosen Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer and ask them to pencil you in on their calendar until you can come back to sign the contract. Make an appointment to sign the contract.
  • Confirm, confirm, confirm! This is the golden rule of wedding planning. Remember: your wedding is more important to you and your spouse-to-be than to anyone else. As such, you must confirm appointments, plans, reservations, etc., several times—Once at contract signing, a second time 3-6 months before the event, and again 1-2 weeks before, at which time last minute details, changes, and requests can be worked out.
  • Destin Wedding Photography Cost & Planning

  • Stay organized; get a looseleaf binder and insert tab pages for each detail of your Destin Wedding Photography Cost & Planning. Keep notes and worksheets for each detail and you will be well on your way to making your wedding unforgettable and reducing your stress.
  • On the wedding day, be prepared for things not to go exactly as planned. This is a fun day! Regard the mishaps as part of the fun!
  • If your pet is important in your life, it is becoming increasingly common to include your special pet in your wedding, and be sure to dress them up in a dog tuxedo or dress!
  • Consider reading about married and home life at least twice as much as you read about wedding planning even as you prepare towards the wedding day. It will keep a better set of priorities in perspective. A wedding lasts a day, but a marriage lasts a lifetime.
  • If you try to plan your Destin Wedding Photography Cost & Planning by yourself, you may feel overwhelmed. Assign tasks to others in your party and family.
  • Pay attention to Destin Wedding Photography Cost & Planning etiquette. Consult books by true experts like Miss Manners, rather than wedding magazines or popular websites like Contrary to popular belief, following proper modern etiquette will often lead to you spending LESS money on your wedding, NOT more!
  • Interview several Destin Wedding Photographers and make sure they are insured, know how to perform at a wedding, and are reliable – ALWAYS get a written signed contract! You don’t want to be with out entertainment the day of!
  • Plan Your Destin Wedding Photography

  • Set a budget. Very important — you should plan how much you want to spend on each detail of your wedding, and make sure you don’t exceed that amount on Destin Wedding Photography. In some cases but not all, parents of the bride or groom will offer to pay for specific things.
  • Choose a theme. It doesn’t have to be anything really specific, but you want there to be a consistent feeling throughout. Make sure the theme is easy to plan and decorate. Everything should be consistent with the theme.
  • Decide on the size of your wedding. Remember to talk this over with your fiance. A dream wedding for one may not be for the other.
  • Choose your venue. Even church venues and beach parks can charge fees.
  • Choose your officiate (a pastor, or rabbi for example). If they don’t charge a fee outright to perform the ceremony, be courteous to pay a generous gratuity for their time.
  • Attend pre-marriage counseling. (optional) This may take a large time commitment, but is worth it in the long-run. Be honest about your desires and expectations for marriage.
  • Set the date. The factors in choosing a date include the availability of your venue, friends and family and your Destin Wedding Photography. Think about who you must have at your wedding, and try to set the date around them.
  • Send out invitations. Be creative; you can make your own and add a personal touch or go to a proffessional. Send them as early as feasible, for yours to make schedule arrangements. (If Jewish, make sure to get kippots made)
  • Get the gown. Start looking early, months before the wedding. This way you will have plenty of time to make a selection and take care of fitting. In most religions it is traditional that the mother of both the groom, and bride comes to find the dress, as well as the maid of honour.
  • Select wedding rings. This is a fun task to do together, and symbolises your devotion to eachother. Most couples get matching rings to show that they complete one another’s soul.
  • Find a photographer/videographer. Consider a professional Destin Wedding Photographer for this special occasion, and make sure that they are reliable so that you don’t have to worry about forgetting your wedding, for years to come.
  • Decide what type of food and refreshments you will offer at the reception dinner. Try to find a happy medium between what would please your guests and what you can afford. Weigh the pros and cons of hiring a professional caterer, as it’s not cheap, but it’s one less thing you’ll have to handle personally. Some couples choose to base the menu on the culture of the family, or go for something that most people like. (example: italian)
  • Pick a cake. Before settling on a cake it’s best to have a tasting first. Also look into a cake that will match your theme, and please both the bride and groom.
  • Hire Your Entertainment. Decide on a band or DJ. It’s not recommended to do it yourself with an iPod; there is more to wedding entertainment then just music, they will keep the flow of the event, make announcements, and plan all your special events with you. Each has it’s advantages and limitations (this should not be booked last, because all the good bands & wedding DJs get booked first!) Pay your Destin Wedding Photographer to cover the entire wedding. The entertainment is crucial and is what makes a wedding one to remember!
  • Back Blur Photography Tips

  • Camera with a large imaging plate/chip, such as a 35mm film camera.
  • A “fast” lens, that is, a lens with a maximum aperture (opening) of f2.8 or larger. The lower the f number means the larger the aperture. Large apertures, in conjunction with the imaging size, provide very shallow depths of field, that is, they blur the area in front of and behind the subject.
  • Blur the Background of Beach Portraits

  • Fill the frame (head and shoulders) with the subject.
  • Focus on the eyes.
  • Shoot a series of images with the lens wide-open and stopped down one or two stops. Noses, ears and hair will be in varying degrees of focus. By shooting at various apertures, you’ll get to choose the most pleasing image.
  • Narrow the depth of field. To make as shallow a depth of field as possible, use a long/telephoto lens set on maximum zoom. Stand as close to the subject as possible (Note: if you have a very long lens, this might still be quite far away).
  • Move with a moving target. If the subject is moving, as is the car seen in the picture below, you must move the camera to follow the subject. Consider using fast film or setting your digital SLR on a fast ISO setting. Keep your body and the camera as steady as possible, track the subject through the viewfinder and ensure your camera is focusing properly on the subject, and take the photo. This technique uses the blurred background to highlight the motion of the subject, whereas background blurred solely through a shallow depth of field is used to make the subject stand out from its surroundings.
  • Alternatively you can use Photoshop, select the background and use the Blur filter. However, this Photoshop technique does not create true depth as it blurs everything in the background uniformly rather than independently based on distance from the lens. An image blurred “in camera” collects visual information from a scene that a PhotoShop blurred image can never obtain because the data is not there in a Photoshop file, thereby making the “in camera” image a much truer and organic image/record.
  • If you are using an updated version of Photoshop, your program may offer a ‘smart blur’ option in the filters sections un blur. The filter takes into account the depth of field and perspective and applies more blurring to pixels it interprets as farther away and less to pixels perceived as closer to the subject. The filter is also adjustable so it is better to gradually add the effect until you have the look desired.

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