Adobe Releases Photoshop Elements 8 for Windows and Mac

Adobe Systems today announced Adobe Photoshop Elements 8 software available for Windows and Mac, providing automated and intelligent photo-editing technology across both platforms. With the newest version of the No. 1 selling consumer photo-editing software, Adobe continues to make cutting-edge innovation accessible to users who want powerful yet easy-to-use tools to tell compelling stories with their photos…. (posted by Jennifer Apple for

Photoshop Tip — Unflatten Layers With Undo Save

Here’s a Photoshop tip about how to undo save from Photoshop Daily. “Hands up everyone who has flattened an image, saved and then remembered there was something you meant to change on a layer. Yup, us too. Well, there is a kind of get-out clause. After flattening and saving, press Ctrl+Alt+Z (PC) or Cmd+Option+Z (Mac) and the layers will come streaming back. This won’t work if you close the image after saving, but if you realise and it’s still open, it’s a lifesaver!.” (posted by Jennifer Apple for

Flower Vectors Photoshop Custom Shapes

From Obsidian Dawn: Here is a free set of Photoshop Custom Shapes composed of various flower shapes in vector designs. Not sure how to install and use shapes? Check it out here… (posted by Jennifer Apple for

Sync Photoshop Presets For Brushes And Actions On Multiple Computers

Useful tutorial from Bittbox — How to Sync Photoshop Presets on Multiple Computers. From the intro… (posted by Jennifer Apple for

Adobe Launches New Adobe TV Site

The Adobe TV site has been improved and has now been launched… (posted by Jennifer Apple for

Photographers Nikon or Canon?


I will post the results on October 15th,2009

Controling Your Camera with Your iPhone or iPod Touch

You can control your digital SLR camera from your iPhone or iPod Touch? You can also use these devices to compose your shot, fire your shutter, or use as an additional screen in situations where you cannot normally view the viewfinder. Interested? Read on to learn more.

Using an iPhone/iPod Touch to Control Your Camera

Camera Remote for the iPhone & iPod Touch

The iPhone and the iPod Touch have revolutionized the way in which we interact with technology. They are not all mighty but the way in which they let you do little tasks with their funky interface is the major driving factor for the acceptance of the device. People want easier ways of interacting, so why not use these devices for photography as well? Controlling your camera with your iPod Touch or iPhone just became possible with a new app.


Camera Remote for the iPhone & iPod Touch

The dSLR remote is an application available for the iPhone and iPod Touch that will allow you to remotely control your digital SLR. The app is from the fabulous guys at OneonOne Software who also make several fabulous plugins for photographers including Genuine Fractals and Phototools. The application can be downloaded from the iTunes App store for an introductory price of $ 19.99 for a limited time. There is also a lite version available for $1.99 which you can make use of to try out the app.

At the time of writing this article, dSLR Remote is available only for Canon dSLRs, however OneonOne Software is working on a version compatible for Nikon cameras as well. The expected release of this updated version 1.1 is July 2009. So Nikonians keep your fingers crossed! Refer here for a list of compatible Canon dSLR cameras.

The dSLR Remote for the iPhone/iPod Touch is a wonderful tool for several situations. Shooting self portraits now becomes a breeze. Also, you can mount cameras on locations that are not easily accessible and get great angles and views that were previously not possible. Wedding shots can now be done without the photographer actually getting in the way. Additionally, the intervalometer that is available only through the capture software on certain Canon models is now accessible with the dSLR Remote, time lapse movies are a new dimension that this tool has opened for me. What the application offers you is the freedom to now think out of the box and use your camera in ways that were not previously possible.

Photography Survay Who Sell’s Your Image Negatives to Your Clients?


I will post the results on October 15th,2009

This Is Our Studio Printer Of Choice

I love our Epson Stylus Pro 4880 printer. It was designed to meet the needs of the most demanding photographers. The Epson Stylus Pro 4880 has a unique, 17-inch wide printer design, and new ink technology. These features forced the industry to reconsider what was possible from photographic ink jet printing.

The Epson UltraChrome K3 is the standard by which all other professional level ink technologies are judged. Now has also been enhanced with there Vivid Magenta pigments, and there current generation ink technology requires only eight colors.These include a three-level black technology, to significantly raise the quality levels for professional color and black-and-white prints.

This printer has imagine producing archival prints with amazing color accuracy that are gloss level and scratch resistance. This helps to provide consistent stable colors with there ink technologies. This printer’s images produce neutral and toned black-and-white prints with even higher density levels. The prints have virtually no metamerism or bronzing.

The Epson Stylus Pro 4880 has an even higher level of ink droplet accuracy. Because they have developed an all-new MicroPiezo AMC print head. It also has an all-new ink repelling coating technology to dramatically reduce nozzle clogging. When you combine this with there new Epson AccuPhoto HD screening technology you get an astonishing resolution of 2880 x 1440 dpi. Epson has once again raised the level of image quality of the printer world market.

The Epson Stylus Pro 4880 will handle almost any media type in roll or cut-sheet up to 17-inch wide. The Epson Stylus Pro 4880 incorporates a high-capacity paper tray capable of handling cut-sheet media up to 17″ x 22″. You can even incorporated four different ways to load media. This includes a front-loading straight-through path capable of handling media up to 1.5 mm thick, giving you the ultimate in media flexibility.

I love our Epson Stylus Pro 4880 printer and it represents a level of technology unprecedented in history. By combining the extreme precision of an Epson Stylus Pro print engine, along with the extraordinary performance of Epson UltraChrome K3 ink technology, Epson has once again transforming imagery.

Photoshop Plug-In Suite Everyone Needs

Plug-In Suite 4.5 Collection of 6 Award-Winning Plug-ins Check these out.


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