Digital camera package deals

There are many sellers try to sell beginner “aspiring” photographers with a package deal of digital cameras, several lenses, wide angle/tele-converter, bags, tripods, memory cards in many variations.

I will suggest you to avoid or take a very good look on what they offer.

The store tries to sell you package deal because You might save $150-200 by buying what you really needs instead of buying the package deals.

1. They earn more profits by upsell you tons of stuff2. They want to get rid of their old overstocks


For example: They package a newer digital slr camera with older version lenses. This lens price has been declining rapidly and no new buyers want to buy it anymore. So they try to sell you this older version in the package deals. Pretty smart right?

3. Stuff offered mostly is low quality (junk) and will broke within days.

For example the mini tripod it might break any time soon, and then the sd card could not be consistent in recording data. I bought one generic one like that before, and keep getting Error note because the card can’t record well. It will be a disaster if you rely only on those cards. the bag is usually made from low quality materials, so it will break in short period of time of active usage.

At the end, you need to buy a higher quality cards, a better bag, and the better or solid tripod, so it costs you a lot in the long run.

So i suggest you to take a closer look on what they offers and think that is that what you really need?


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