Close up portrait tips – lens focal length

Choosing the best focal length for portrait is always a debate, is the wide angle is better or telephoto is the best? Is prime or zoom is better?

It is all depend on your taste and your clients. But we especially need to be careful with focal length. Wide angle lens will give some distortion, standard focal length (40mm-60mm) will give you close representation of the model, and telephoto lens will compress the model and also the background.

Most photographer especially glamor and fashion photographers will like telephoto lens instead of wide angle because the compressed look usually make the model look more flattery. Telephoto lens combined with big aperture also will make compressed and produce a nice blur in the background separating background with the model.

Even though telephoto lens is more desirable for portraits, but there is limitation of telephoto lens. One of the limitation is space, you need more space to work around with telephoto lens. If you are working indoor in small studio/room, you can’t use telephoto lens effectively.

You will also have problem in incorporating background into your picture because of its narrow view and compressed background.

Prime or Zoom?
Before, prime is desirable lens because of its sharpness. but now many lenses can produce tack sharp image as well. So you can use prime or zoom lens for portraitures. Zoom lens will provide you with more flexibility especially in tight space, while prime lens will give you benefit of portability. Related Post: Prime vs Zoom lenses.

So what focal length you want to use is basically depend on what kind of portrait that you want to achieve.

Other popular focal length for portraiture : 85mm and 100mm


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