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I love Destin Florida beach portrait photography. I’m sure many of you do, too. However, doing a great portrait is one of the most challenging kinds of photography out there. So, here are some tips that will help you take better portraits and improve your workflow.

You need to be concerned with lighting, composition, and other technicalities, but also expressing the subject’s character and your own creative vision. With these tips, I hope you find a process that works for you.



A good Destin Florida beach portrait pose, be it a headshot, partial or full-body, starts with the feet. If your subject’s feet and legs are not set in the right manner, then the rest of the structure goes out-of-whack.

A good rule-of-thumb is to have your subject place their weight on the rear leg and turn 3/4 from the camera’s position. Also, have your subject flare their elbows away from the body a little to thin-out their silhouette.

Squaring up the hands to the camera presents a to much facial area to the camera, even if you adjust your lighting. If the Destin Florida beach portrait photo is about the hands, squaring them is less interesting. Not even photographs of boxers do it. Present more of the edge of the hand and use angles to make them pleasing. Your female clients will appreciate it. It is more slimming!


As Destin Beach Portrait photographers, we work in a flat digital space, so making something look as 3D digitally as possible is both important and a challenge. Help your image by having your client elongate their neck and tilt their head in such a way that they have a jaw line. This helps your light shape the face and create some separation between the head and neck.

I usually work with help on most Destin beach portrait jobs, but I have learned the value of having help on shoots that require more gear or logistics. Just having someone hold a reflector or light stand in place on a windy day, or keep track of the names of people you’re shooting is beneficial. You can concentrate on your expertise better if you don’t have to worry about so many other little things.


A Destin Florida beach portrait, even an environmental portrait, is about your subject. A distracting background element is a big “no no” in portraiture as it draws the eye away from your subject.

The human eye is attracted to bright colors, text, and human-like shapes. It is better to keep them out of the frame than it is to decrease your DoF or retouch them out. Also, don’t have poles, trees, and the like “growing” out of your subject’s head. It defeats that depth of feel.


Remember these tips on the next Destin Florida Beach portrait session you do. Some of them are big ones that will directly affect your images while others are more workflow that will improve your efficiency and care you demonstrate to your client. All in all these will help you become a better portrait photographer.

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