Destin Florida Beach Portraits Guide

We have all seen the professional Destin Florida Beach Portraits that hang on the walls of our friends homes. How many times have you told yourself that you really need to get your family together and have yours made? Well finding the right Beach Portrait photographer can be like searching for shells on the beach in the Destin Florida area. Some you find are shiny and great , some old and broken and others are just plain .

You should talk with your other family members to share the expense of the portraits and cost of the photographer. You need to decide how much of an investment you are willing to make. High Destin Florida Beach Portrait Prices do not always buy quality. Be careful of who you choose in this area. Make sure that they have professional membership in the PPA or other organizations and a full frame camera. That will be one sign of a seasoned professional. A full frame Canon or Nikon will run around $3500 and up for the camera body an exaple is the Canon 5D  mark II or 1D’s Mark III. A  pro grade lens will be about 80 mm in diameter  across the  front glass and cost $1300-$2400 depending on the power and speed. The pro grade glass usually has a red stripe around the end of the tube. A professional photographer will also have a pro grade flash for fill light if they don’t bring a soft box with them. LOL, softboxes  look funny on the beach and I would not use one. Softboxes are for the studio. The more money the photographer charges you it typically equates to the large amounts of money they have invested in their equipment and training.

Once you have decided on your budget you should have a good idea of which photographers are in your price range. When you meet with photographers, trust your initial reaction. Do you like them? Do you think they will be able to set everyone at ease enough to make for a wonderful portrait? If you talk with enough people you will soon find that once someone finds a Destin Florida Beach Portraits photographer they truly like, they will use that same photographer for many years.

Of all of the advice you could possibly receive about choosing a Destin Florida Beach Portraits photographer, this may be the most important. What  time is sunset  and when are you takeing our pictures? This point of discussion with the Beach Portraits photographer during the interviews is the BEACH PORTAIT. We usually shoot our Beach Portraits sessions 45 minutes before sunset. So if something causes you to be late or if the photographer is running late, this will take away from the time needed to get the perfect shot.  Please plan for the traffic in this area. It can be bad in the summer and almost at a stand still on parts on Hwy 98.

Be sure and look through the Destin Florida Beach Portraits photographers portfolios that are on-line for your viewing pleasure. Photographers choose specefic portraits to use in their Beach Portrait portfolio for advertising purposes. These images are the best representation of their work. So chances are, if you love what you see then you will love what that photographer will do with your family Beach Portraits. If you see every single family Beach Portrait looks the same then you should expect yours to look just like them.

Once you decide on which Destin Florida Beach Portraits photographer you will use you will want to get everything in writing.  In the state of Florida 30-A Studios LLC services are acquired by verbal contracts for beach portrait sessions and written contracts for wedding photography.

• Florida verbal contracts are recognized as law in the State of Florida. They
 can be proved, for example, by the acts of the parties or by witnesses hearing
 the parties so entering and lawful consideration (something of value – like
 money) passing from one party to the other.

Our portrait package contents and prices are listed. With that being said, feel free to negotiate your package prints while talking with the photographer. Some times photographers are more than happy to throw in additional prints if you purchase a certain quantity of prints through them. LOL, in a good year. NOT in this economy!

Ask your Destin Florida Beach Portraits photographer what they would recommend everyone wear. They may have a nice sand dune backdrop that looks great with khaki and white clothing. Your Destin Florida Beach Portraits photographer  has seen the results of every color combination and should have a well enough trained eye to know what is flattering and what isn’t on the beach.  We like soft solid colors from all of our years of beach portrait experience, these colors look the best and sell the most portraits.

 Having your Destin Florida family Beach Portrait made is creating a lasting memory together with your loved ones. Do your research on-line before you come down to the beach to avoid bad photographers. Try to take care of enough legwork and research before you choose your photographer. Once the big Beach Portraits day arrives you feel confident in your choice of professional photographer and know that it will be a great day to remember forever for you and your family.


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