Destin Florida Beach Portraits Information

 The Beaches of Destin Florida
The Emerald Coast is one of the most beautiful places to visit in the world.
 Destin has been named time and time again, the best beach vacation spot in the Southeast! 
 The crystal clear emerald waters of the gulf are simply stunning.
Gorgeous white sandy beaches with magnificent dunes that reach the sky.
The Beaches of Destin Florida have truly breathtaking sunrises and sunsets.
 Imagine this as your backdrop for your beach portrait session!

Destin Family Portraits
 One of the most treasured items you will ever own will be our Destin Florida Beach Portraits.
 We all understand the importance and value of a beautifully handcrafted family portrait.
 We want to create real expressions and capture the real personalities of our subjects in every photograph we capture.

What to Wear for your Destin Florida Beach Portraits
 Clothing, wear solid neutral colors, stick to lighter tones and pastels.
Try to avoid prints, patterns, and stripes.
 A couple or group should be the same or complimentary in style and color clothing.
 Jewelry should be kept to a minimum.
 No shoes required, you will be barefoot on the beach.
 Bring sandals for walking to the beach.
 Dress appropriate for the season.
Long sleeves & pants in the Spring, Fall, and Winter.
Short sleeves & shorts for the Summer because it is still warn in the late afternoons during beach portrait sessions.

Makeup and your Destin Florida Beach Portraits
Ladies: Wear your make-up as usual. Use a neutral toenail polish if any.
You will get sandy during the shoot, do not wear any moisturizers or creams that are too oily or greasy.
Men: Keep in mind that an evening portrait will benefit greatly from a fresh shave!
 Eye Glasses: If you wear glasses, try to get your optician to supply you with empty
rims for the day of your appointment. We do shoot with a flash!

Items of Necessity for Destin Florida Beach Portraits
 The beach can be very windy, we suggest hair products that will keep
your hair under control under these conditions.
 Hair Spray   Comb   Brush  •  Hair Bands  •   Hair Pins
Bring towels to wipe off the beach sand.
Props for Destin Florida Beach Portraits
 We try to keep it simple with what we bring to the beach portrait session.
 We will bring Large & Small Starfish •  Large & Small Buckets  •  Assortment of Shells  •  Sailboats
 We also have a infant to toddler Adirondack Chair.Bring Refreshments, It’s a great idea to bring cold refreshments, especially when it is hot!


















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