Watercolor Beach Wedding Photography

Your Watercolor Beach Wedding Photography can be a fantastic experience as long as you plan a good amount of time ahead and make sure you book all the right wedding professionals. Make sure you check out who you are hiring as each year many new business start up trying to get into the beach wedding Photography business and each year most of them do not make it a year and they are out of business. You do not want to get stuck hiring a new service that is out of business before your wedding date after you paid them money.

Wedding Photographers are one of the worst now days. Many people think they can buy a camera and run a few ads and they have a Watercolor Beach Wedding photography business. The bad part about this is the people who do end up hiring them end up with very poor quality photos of their wedding if any. When you think about your photos they are one of the only things you will have for years to come from your wedding day so you should want the best you can even if you have to cut down on another wedding item to pay for good quality photos in the long run its worth every cent. On banker we talked with told us they have more new photographers opening business accounts then just about any other business in the last few years. He also told us that 99% of them all closed their account with in 6 months to a year and are out of business. Owning a camera and running ads dose make you a professional Watercolor Beach Wedding photographer and running a successful business is another job aside from the years of photography skills needed. Thats just my two cents worth. Here are some of my Watercolor Beach Wedding Photography shots: http://www.30astudios.com/Watercolor-Beach-Wedding-Photographer.htm


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