Watercolor Florida beach portraits 2013

Watercolor Florida beach portraits Clothing

Clothing is as important to the success of the shot as the Watercolor Florida beach portraits location, lighting and posing. We know that great images take time, patience and concentration. Our advice is to pick a style or a mood and focus on it. To many clothing and background changes leave little time to focus on what truly matters. Timeless clothing which is simple and classic will help your portrait stand the test of time. Keep your choices subtle and solid with everyone in the portrait wearing the same shade and “color family”. Work for balanced, harmony and color coordination. Most clients wear white shirts, this is not the most creative idea, but the most simple.


Classic Watercolor Florida beach portraits
For the look of the classic Watercolor Florida beach portraits everyone should dress in khaki pants, or blue jeans solid color shorts or Capri’s. Young girls look beautiful with white dresses, and young men look smart with tans, pressed collared white shirts and old worn blue jeans. If all the women dress similarly and all the men dress similarly then the photo has a more formal professional look. During cooler weather, hooded sweatshirts and sweaters can be fun as well.


Some Alternatives:
All white dresses for women and little girls and straw hats can add another dimension to this classic Watercolor Florida beach portraits look.

To make it different you can choose a pastel or light color instead of the white for shirts and tops like sky blue, light pink or pale creamy orange. The alternative to pastel for shirts is bright highly saturated colors like red, and pink.

Another alternative is red or navy shirts and tops and white pants and shorts. Red is perfect if you intend to use one of the photos for a Watercolor Florida beach portraits Christmas card.

Another way to make this classic look a little different is if all of the men and boys wear a darker color on top, like a Denim shirt, or Navy or Black Polo shirts.

Another alternative is for everyone to wear Blue Jeans instead of Khakis.



Even if you never use hair spray or other products to hold hair in place, it is a good idea to use it before coming to the beach for the beach portrait. Even a small breeze can blow hair in front of eyes and cause people to keep moving their arms and hands to remove it. My advice is to use some before you arrive or bring it along in case you need it. Hair bands and ponytails are another good alternative.


Due to glare and distortion, glasses should be removed during your session. Or, if you prefer to wear them, you may want to have the lenses removed.


Small Children sometimes have a favorite beach toy that they like in there Watercolor Florida beach portraits. It sometimes makes a great shot if they are allowed to hold it. Depending upon the child, it is sometimes the only way to get them to sit still for a shot.

Older children may want to bring a surfboard or skim board, or some other favorite beach toy. It all adds to the personality of the shot.

On request we can bring a large 10-foot Vintage surfboard that will hold a number of children for a sitting pose.

On request we can bring a white Adirondack chair or several small wicker chairs as a prop or to assist those who may have difficulty sitting on the beach.


Multiple Families

When shooting multiple families together – if you would like to differentiate each family, you can wear different color shirts.

Clothing and Accessories for Women

Women look best in v-neck and scoop neck tops. Short sleeve and sleeveless make this look very summery. Keep Jewelry simple.

Clothing and Accessories for Men

Men should wear shirts with either crew or polo open neck shirts. Avoid button down shirts unless they can be pressed crisply for a clean look and avoid pleated front pants as they are not flattering on most people. Short sleeve shirts look more summery than long sleeve shirts. Remove large dark colored watches.

For summer portraits, we suggest everyone to be barefoot. This uniformity works best and also creates a more summery image.

Cool Weather Cover Ups
Sometimes after a storm in the summer there may be a cool breeze on the beach. If the weather is cool please bring sweatshirts and sweaters in colors that work well with the outfits that you have chosen.

Watercolor-Florida-Infant-and Small-Children-Beach-Portrait-2013

Infants and Small Children Watercolor Florida beach portraits

It is helpful if they are rested and fed before they arrive for the photo shoot. Please resist the urge to tell your child to smile or insist they be on their best behavior as this often backfires. Simply say “we are having our portrait taken and it will be fun.” We have photographed hundreds of children and assure you this is the best way.

Watercolor-Florida-Family-Beach-Portraits-2015Watercolor Florida Family Beach Portraits

You’ll want to have Symmetry with both your surroundings and with everyone else in the photo during your Watercolor Florida Family Beach Portraits.  30-A Studios is honored to photograph hundreds of families each year on the beach, I’ll concentrate on what to wear in a seaside surrounding.

What follows are some examples of Symmetrical outfits we’ve seen during our Watercolor Florida family beach sessions along with some helpful advice in preparing for your session.

We’ll start with khaki-and-white or what we like to call…sand-and-stone.  I know, I know, you’re probably sick of seeing this matchy-matchy outfit on the beach.  But let’s dig deeper as to why this ensemble is so popular.  Khaki is a neutral tone that blends well with the beach.  White is a solid bright tone that reflects clean light back onto the face.  If you’re trying to organize a large number of family members, this choice is easy to coordinate.  However, if your family is anything like my family you’ll want to represent all the different personalities with a bit more color and interest!  I always joke that if everyone is dressed the same and you would be embarrassed to go out for pizza together…then you might want to mix up the outfits a bit for your Watercolor Florida Family Beach Portraits session.

Watercolor Florida Family Photography with PetWatercolor Florida Family Photography with Pet

Watercolor Florida beach portraits and Dogs
We can work with dogs, but would like the owners to have realistic expectations about how much time a real pet portrait takes. The activity of a lot of people moving about around the dog on the beach is usually to distracting to get the dog to sit still and look in the direction of the photographer for very long. Dogs do require a permit on the beach in Walton County.

Please come prepared to enjoy the beach portraits process and have fun with your families making wonderful Watercolor Florida beach portraits memories that will last for a lifetime!

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